Corporate Covid Testing

Onsite Covid-19 Testing

Testaro offers health compliant testing solutions to companies and organizations that require group COVID-19 testing.

We facilitate onsite PCR, and Rapid Antigen testing on a once-off or regular basis, which are conducted by our professional team of SANC registered nurses. Our in-house lab, Inception Biosciences, processes the swabs collected and provides PCR results within 24-hours of testing.

Our group testing solutions include two types of COVID-19 tests which are.

PCR Tests – With a 98% accuracy rate that requires professional Lab facilities, the PCR test has a turnaround time of 24hrs or 12hrs if expedited. Our PCR test results also serve as valid travel certificates.

Antigen Tests – Also known as Rapid Covid-19 Tests, provide results within 15-30 minutes and can be used for both local and international travel passes depending on flight requirements.

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