About Us

Testaro Mobile Health was born in March 2020 during with COVID-19 Pandemic. We began with a vision to provide healthcare services that are available directly to the community.

Our evolution continues through the power of next-generation, state-of-the-art technology and healthcare services. We are a solutions-based company providing processes to empower individuals and communities nationwide to take ownership of their health and wellness by offering direct access to healthcare services.

Our Mission

To lead the movement in breaking down barriers to direct access to high-quality healthcare services.


To deliver quality healthcare services. 


Offering services supported by scientific expertise and cutting-edge technology. Even if it moves fast, so do we. Constantly developing our systems and processes through extensive research.
Empowering people. Health is a holistic state of well-being, defined by people, where they live and work. We collaborate with community partners and stakeholders to optimise delivery of services. Our employees stem from diverse backgrounds with years of experience. No matter where they start, their potential is realised through continuous growth and development.
Rebuilding the face of healthcare is not for the faint of heart, but with dedication and drive anything can be achieved. Every challenge is an opportunity, and every opportunity brings the potential to improve the world for the better.
Everyone should have equal access to health-care services. Removing obstacles to access of basic health-care services which allows individuals to invest actively in their own health. Encouraging the right to autonomy.
Bolder than our statements- we act to achieve reliable, efficient and consistent care services. Prioritising individuals, this is core of our objective.

Our Team

Zvi Sacks

Chief Executive Officer

After pursuing studies, in both the UK and Israel, Zvi obtained his honours in Accounting, Finance, Tax and Auditing through Monash University. He qualified as CA(SA) after doing 3 years articles at Grant Thornton focused on the healthcare sector. Zvi is an Innovator and health tech entrepreneur with a passion to democratize care through better delivery models and the understanding of the ever-changing consumer needs.

Moishe Moffson

Executive Director

Moishe is a serial entrepreneur that has taken small entities to scale. Moishe started in the family retail business when there were 50 stores. He grew the brand and store base to 770 outlets over a 5-year period with over R3 billion in turnover. He has a deep understanding of market dynamics and consumerism behaviour.

Kajel Somaroo

Chief Scientific Officer

Kajel Somaroo completed a Master of Science in Medicine in the field of Human Genetics from the University of Witwatersrand with research focused on preimplantation genetic testing. Her registration with the Health Professionals Council as a Medical Scientist was obtained in 2013. Kajel uses her years of industry knowledge to successfully set up and operate mobile and fixed laboratories across Africa.

Contact Us

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